All work and no play…

What a week!

It’s been pretty manic for me. All my usual writing rituals have been shelved while I’ve had to focus on other work. It’s been a bit frustrating. I’ve tried to make time and space to write, even those research papers that no longer enthuse me, but it’s been nigh on impossible.

Even when I’ve tried to steal back fifteen minutes with a coffee and my notebook, my mind has been elsewhere. The most immediate thing that might have suffered is this blog. So I’m sat here on Friday night attempting a little reflection on prose-less week. Having just read a really nice post about blog timing, I know I shouldn’t lose momentum, nor disappoint with a lack lustre post. Likewise, I should heed the advice I gathered from the Melbourne Writers Festival and continue my practice whenever possible, like right now.

So I’m writing, but what am I writing about? Well, I guess this blogpost is about what I’ve learned about not writing this week. I think I’ve learned a bit more about the importance of headspace. Even when sitting down to think about writing I’ve struggled because my head was full of other goings-on. What I’ve previously learned helps clear some headspace is word-doodling in my little notebook over coffee, breakfast or lunch. The words I normally doodle onto the page are from deep within – feelings, emotions, reflections. They take time to emerge, and this week I’ve failed to make time. Without them, I fail to clear the rest of my world from my mind. So while the advice of accomplished writers is commonly to write whenever possible, without headspace anything worthwhile will unlikely blossom.

And what will I do to avoid a repeat next week? Well, time is key. I’ll ensure I use all of those blank slots in my diary to carve out enough time to take my mind to a place where my day fades and tales are illuminated.

This probably isn’t my finest blogpost, this issue needs more thought, and I’m mixing my metaphors, but after a long tiring week I’ve put a few words onto the page. I’m happy with that.


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