Woody Allen’s typewriter

I recently watched the documentary about Woody Allen’s life and career. What struck me most were his rituals that have kept him writing continuously. It made me think about my own rituals, the things I do to situate myself in a time and space that enable me to blank out the rest of my life and focus on my writing.

At the centre of all that is Woody Allen sits his typewriter. The same machine he bought as a teenager and helped him become the writer we now know. At first I thought wouldn’t it be cool to use one of those old Olympias, but on reflection, I’m quite happy on my MacBook Air. In fact, it’s not too dissimilar to Woody’s typewriter. They each are lightweight and portable, travel with us where ever we go, and enable us to sit and write whenever the situation feels right. So to write is perhaps not just to have rituals, but also to have the right tool for the job.


2 thoughts on “Woody Allen’s typewriter

  1. Will Self recently said that he’s moved onto using an old typewriter to keep him from being distracted by being online. It must also have a very significant impact aside from that, in limiting the amount of continuous rewriting you can do.

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