Another indulgent Melbourne day under a scorching sun, and I’m sat in the garden accompanied by cricket, cold beer and notebooks. Having finally taken aim at truly beginning my first (proper) book, I dug out my old notebooks from what I might think of as ‘the archives’, but in reality is a dusty shoebox tucked […]

I am livid. I need not tell you why. I just am. This blogpost is not though a rant, but a brood over why I have come to be in this state at this moment. It marks a line in the sand for the certain part of me that allowed my self to reach this […]

With a strong skinny latte ordered, I find a spare stool, pour a glass of water, and reach for my notebook. How long I don’t recall, but it’s been a while since it was last open. After a hasty lunch, and before returning to the torrent of email, I flick off the page holder to […]

“Sex” she said. “I chose sex.” As her brief memoir of rediscovered senses reached me from the far end of the dank narrow room, I squirmed in my seat. I didn’t really want to feel somebody else’s longings; but she’d been eager all day to pour out to us. Next came ‘death’. “The latest episode […]

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” – Ernest Hemingway In my last post, I suggested that I’d become a more productive writer as a consequence of gaining a new job. The gist of which is: if I’ve less time to write, I’ll be more focused […]

I began reading the latest issue of Creative Non-Fiction few weeks ago. In his editorial, Lee Gutkind waxes lyrical about the feature article “How to Write Like a Mother#^@%*&”, and rightly so. Writing regularly (and researching beforehand) is good advice. It’s advice I intended to follow. A week or so after reading the editorial and article, I […]

There are many joyous little moments in life. For a writer, one of them has to be that moment when we learn our submission has been accepted for publication. It occurred for me again last Thursday. I’d been waiting for an email from work about something entirely different, so was avidly checking my email (which is […]


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